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Welcome to the blog of Kevin Dong - transsexual photographer and producer from Toronto, Canada. If you are a Canadian model interested in working with Grooby Productions please send photographs and stats to kevin@grooby.com
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Hey boys and girls! This week is starting off with a bang with preview pics from my favourite new girl Casey Lay – the hottest thing to come out of Ontario since my thyroid problem. On a lighter note, Casey Lay sounds like the name of a light brand of those fancy baked potato chips. Or as they say in England – “crisps”. HAhahaha. Fuck I’m knowledgable. Anyway turn on the song in the hyperlink and take a gander at these pics. Words can’t express my feelings for this girl. Sweet, sophisticated, different, extravagant, frivolous, I don’t know if any of those quite fit the description of Casey. I think I may have to make up a word….Exorbitantomagnofantific. There I said it.

Casey comes from a quiet rural town in Ontario, has never escorted or done any adult work. She is a wonderful individual, extremely friendly, and a real cute shorty. I loved working with her downtown Toronto, and I honestly felt like I could trust the girl the first time we met. An easy going individual, a big hard cock, cute butt, and awesome personality. What’s not to like? Did I mention she’s articulate and smart too? Get me my Amex I’m going shopping for a diamond ring. This one’s a keeper boys!


caseylay1.kd .012 200x300 SWEET LADY CASEY LAYcaseylay1.kd .156 200x300 SWEET LADY CASEY LAYcaseylay2.kd .006 200x300 SWEET LADY CASEY LAYcaseylay2.kd .112 300x200 SWEET LADY CASEY LAY



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