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Welcome to the blog of Kevin Dong - transsexual photographer and producer from Toronto, Canada. If you are a Canadian model interested in working with Grooby Productions please send photographs and stats to kevin@grooby.com
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Chloe Rose Hardcore!!!!! $%$%$#524523!!!!!

IMG 0412 224x300 Chloe Rose Hardcore!!!!! $%$%$#524523!!!!!IMG 0415 224x300 Chloe Rose Hardcore!!!!! $%$%$#524523!!!!!chloerosehc.kd .046 200x300 Chloe Rose Hardcore!!!!! $%$%$#524523!!!!!chloerosehc.kd .094 300x200 Chloe Rose Hardcore!!!!! $%$%$#524523!!!!!



I love Chloe Rose, she is an angel to work with and an absolute minx in the bedroom. We spent a hot and steamy summer afternoon hanging together shooting this scene for you guys. You can already see it in the coming soon section of Shemale Yum.

This shoot actually took about 4 hours to make. It was an extremely long and difficult ordeal. You never think about what goes into making good pornography when you watch it yourself. What you are presented with is a perfect sex scene, where the sexual energy is flowing, sparks are flying, and performance is peaked for both of the people involved. Real life is much different! icon smile Chloe Rose Hardcore!!!!! $%$%$#524523!!!!!

Enjoy what we made for you guys – it took a lot of work, but it was worth it in the end. Chloe and Alex produced an electrifying performance!!






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